Barebells Protein Bar


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Barebells Protein Bar 12 x 55g

The Barebells protein bars have a special place in the kitchen cabinet of many Swedish athletes. Why? They are really sensationally tasty!

Each variant of Barbells egg white bars is unique in texture and taste experience. In addition, the nutritional values are extremely good. Barbells protein bars contain 20 grams of protein, are lower in carbohydrates and never contain more than 2 grams of sugar and 200 kcal. In short, a brilliant protein bar from Sweden!

The Barebells protein bars fit perfectly:
Low Carb, slimming and protein diet – the Barebells Protein Bars are Low Carb and always contain less than 2g of sugar and 200 kcal, an excellent and amazingly tasty snack in your low carb or protein diet. Fitness – the best proteins for your muscles – the Barebells Protein Bars contain no less than 20g of protein. Proteins support stronger muscles, maintaining muscle mass and recovery. Convenient to carry, easy to replenish your proteins.

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