First Class Nutrition Blade FX


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First Class Nutrition Blade FX 120 Capsules

Fat burner. Converts fat into energy.


Slimming starts with yourself, and sometimes it’s easier than you think. Everybody wants to go to the beach, vacation or a summer festival. Quickly and effectively removing the last bits of fat is often quite a task. Many of us fail because we are on a crash diet, but in the short term the same kilo’s or maybe even more will regain weight.

FIRST CLASS NUTRITION Blade FX is a highly effective nutritional supplement developed by a team of experts that can help you strive for that healthy and balanced lifestyle. The unique formula of FIRST CLASS NUTRITION Blade FX ensures guaranteed results.

Some of the most important ingredients :

Resveratrol Extract is mainly found in the skin of blue grapes.
Guarana contains high concentrations of caffeine, much higher than coffee or tea.
Green Tea Extract is an active extract that has recently become more and more popular in Western countries.
Fucus Vesiculosus is a healthy active brown seaweed.

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