Ironize Creatine


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  • Pure creatine enriched with the powerful herb fenugreek for better effect
    Creatine stimulates muscle growth/(lean) muscle mass during explosive power efforts
    Creatine improves performance in explosive force efforts
    Suitable for both strength and endurance sports

    Creatine is the most widely used sports supplement in the world. And not unjustifiably so! Several scientific studies have shown that creatine stimulates muscle growth and increases explosive strength. Ironize now makes the creatine NOG better by adding fenugreek.

    We chose to combine our creatine with fenugreek because recent studies have shown that this herb drastically improves the effect of creatine. In this way your strength will increase significantly.

    Usage: take 4-6 capsules with the meal before your workout. On rest days with your breakfast.

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