Olimp Whey protein complex 700g


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High Quality Whey Protein Powder

The 100% Whey Protein Complex from Olimp Supplements allows you to supplement your diet with a complete protein and a rich amino acid profile. Proteins promote muscle growth and lean muscle mass in sports and contribute to maintaining muscle mass. This product includes filtered whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate – CFM® in an instant form. The CFM® isolate and whey protein concentrate are characterized by their high nutritional value and are therefore ideally suited for competitive athletes and people with an active lifestyle. With the 100% Whey Protein Complex it no longer has to be difficult to choose a protein supplement! In addition, the low-sugar blend contains only 1.4 grams of sugar per serving.

Complete protein source with all nine amino acids

100% Whey Protein Complex offers a mix of high quality whey protein concentrate and isolate. Whey Protein is a fast digesting ‘complete’ protein source that contains all the essential amino acids. 100% Whey Protein Complex contains little sugar and fat and also contains added MCTs. Best of all, this excellent protein powder also tastes great!

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