SynTech Double Buffered Creatine


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SynTech Double Buffered Creatine by Crea-Trona

120 capsules

Creatine increases physical performance in successive spurts of short, high intensity exercises. The goal of SynTech™ is to offer the safest and most effective creatine in the world. When it comes to purity, safety and efficiency, there is no other type of creatine that equals the level of Creapure®, patented and recognized worldwide as the benchmark for creatine quality.

How does Creatine by Creapure® work? ⁽¹⁾

Creatine is a bodily substance found in every human cell. It functions as an energy store. In the body creatine is synthesized from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine.

All body cells use adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as an energy source. When a cell needs energy, one phosphate of ATP is split. This process releases energy and converts the “high-energy” ATP into “low-energy” adenosine diphosphate (ADP). The phosphate that is split, connects to creatine and creates creatine phosphate (CP).  Creatine phosphate releases the phosphate to the ADP, and this process “charges” the ADP again, making it ATP again. So with the help of the energy repository creatine phosphate, it is possible to regenerate ATP continuously. Creatine phosphate levels and the regeneration of ATP play a key role when the body needs to make intensive and repetitive efforts.

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