SynTsize Recovery


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SynTsize Recovery 1.62kg

The post-workout shake is the most important of the day for all athletes seeking maximum recovery through glycogen and amino acid replenishment. Training hard, but forgetting to replenish glycogen stores and amino acid levels quickly and efficiently, is the biggest mistake you can make as an athlete and is the stumbling block to constant progress.

SynTsize Recovery is the ideal post-workout shake that consists of fast carbohydrates and proteins in the right proportions, as well as a number of key amino acids and supported substances.

Suitable for:

Soccer & Field Sports
Marathon & Triathlon
Martial Arts & MMA & Boxing
Fitness & Body Building

The active ingredients per serving (90g)

47g Carbohydrates – the carbohydrate mix in SynTsize Recovery consists of half Dextrose and half Maltodextrin.
24g Whey Protein Isolate (from Volac).
6g added Leucine – a mega dose of the main amino acid of the 3 BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids).
6g added Glutamine – a high dosage of an amino acid that is popular among athletes who train very intensively and frequently.
2g Creapure® Creatine – Creatine increases physical performance during consecutive spurts of short, high intensity exercises.  The aim of SynTech™ is to offer the safest and most effective creatine in the world. When it comes to purity, safety and efficiency, there is no other type of creatine that rivals the level of Creapure®, patented and recognized worldwide as the reference point for creatine.
2g Beta-Alanine – a very popular ingredient with power and endurance athletes. Together with histidine, Beta-Alanine forms the dipeptide carnosine.  An optimal carnosine concentration is useful for any type of athlete.
200mg alpha lipoic acid

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