Trec Tribulon


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Trec Tribulon: 120 capsules

Extra-strong pro-testosterone formula
Supports the libido and increases the effects of the workouts
Highest concentration of sapponins

Tribulus terrestris extract with the highest concentration (95%) of steroid sapponins


TRIBULON BLACK is a professional pro-testosterone formula containing an ultra-concentrated extract of Tribulus, standard with a record 95% saponin content. TRIBULON BLACK provides natural plant steroids that regulate the production and excretion of endogenous testosterone. Endogenous testosterone is a hormone that monitors the anabolic processes in the organism and regulates libido. Its components have a beneficial effect on the building of muscle mass, the rate of burning fat tissue and the effectiveness of post-workout regeneration in athletes and physically active people.



The recommended daily dose is 2 capsules. Take the preparation with 300 ml of water. On training days: 2 capsules 30 min. before the workout. On non-workout days: 2 capsules 30 min. before going to sleep.

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